Zelená ještěrka (Green Lizard). ONLY IN CZECH.
(Radio show, 52', 1997)

Poémes physiques. (Book of graphic art, 64 p., 1995)

Ooo Luna Nulla. (CD, 60'; text, 2 p.)

(CD, 74', booklet, 12 p.)

"Ó" - an introduction to physical poetry. ONLY IN CZECH.
(Minicourse of physical poetry, text, 6 p.; radio show, 90', 1999)

"Ó" - acoustic physical poems, almost without words.
(CD, 56', 1999)

Navigator. (CD, 55', 2002)

In Natura (Cirkus-Chaos-Minaret II).
(2CD, 2003; radio show.; photographs; graphics)

(Texts; pictures; video; audio)

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